The more I write

The easier it gets, right?

Where do you write?

My pool

The view outside the window where I write

I have no specific place where I write and maybe that’s a problem. I have a laptop set up at the end of my dinning room table that is permanently on (during the daylight hours at least) for whenever the mood strikes me. But I also write using the Pages app on my iPad when I’m traveling to and from work on public transport.

The set up in the dinning room is nice. I have windows all around me so I can see our garden and pool area with its tropical plants, it really is paradise. There is a TV in that room as well, which is also on most of the time. It can be a distraction but it can also provide inspiration and ideas. The truth be known, having an internet connection is more of a problem…”I’ll just research this topic, I won’t Google anything else but this topic.” 30 minutes later, how did I go from researching the effects of anxiety attacks on people trapped in elevators, to watching dogs say “I love you” on YouTube? Side note, I’m trying to teach our dog Otis to say “Rye ruve roo” (I love you in Scooby Doo speak).

I know that this is not the best place to get the most out of my writing, but I love my family and don’t want to lock myself away in a room until I’ve written 2000 words. Again, the more I write in this fashion, the better I’ll get at maintaining focus. I hope.

Writing on public transport is also challenging. I have progressed a few stories in the hours between home and work, work and home. But the issue with this is privacy, or lack there of. Both the bus and train become quite full, quite quickly, so I always end up with someone sitting beside me. Being the archetypal paranoid writer, I don’t want to write with someone looking over my shoulder. So that’s pretty much out as a good place to write. I generally write until the bus or train is full and then swap to playing Plants Vs Zombies or something like that.

Where is the ideal spot to write?

I have this vision of sitting in the coolest, hipster coffeehouse, with views of the busy street outside as people go about their working day (thankfully I’m not one of them). The smell of good coffee, Apple and Cinnamon muffins and raisin toast in the air. I smash out best seller after best seller while tattooed, hipster baristas bring me skinny cappuccinos.

Yeah, it could happen.



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