The more I write

The easier it gets, right?

Just do it – AKA just finish one story


Broken swoosh

Broken swoosh – source


What am I afraid of?

I write a little every day but the more I write the further away I am from finishing anything. I get an idea and I’m excited! I bang away on the laptop for a few thousand words and then something happens. I get distracted, maybe another idea pops into my head and off I go with the new idea.

What is that about?

I just want to pick one idea, stick with it and follow it through until I have a first draft. Maybe that’s too ambitious?

Maybe I need to be like Bob and take baby steps? I really thought this blog was a baby step but it turns out to be just another burden. Not that I’m going to stop, it’s still a very important part my process and it actually represents something I start and finish.

Things that aren’t important to the process are; Tumblr, Facebook, other WordPress sties, Instagram, YouTube and basically the internet in general…

So anyway,  after I finally finish this post (which has taken me several days fyi), my first assignment is to write one character. Let’s see if that works.

Thanks for reading, peace out.


PS. I’m not sure how I go about recognising/referencing the owner/creator of images I use, but the image on this page is not owned by me. I found it on Flickr and this is the person who owns it – albyantoniazzi



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