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It’s life

But not as we know it…

Or maybe it is how we know it. We’ve grown up with it, become accustomed to it, controlled by it.

What happened to us? What happened to the free world? Does it exist anywhere? Has it ever existed?

We have a new H&M store open in our huge multilevel mega-plaza. I tried to follow my wife and son into it recently only to be stopped at the door by a security person. “No beverages allowed in the store sir” I was advised. Like a diligent servant I complied with the order. But why did I? What could “they” have possibly done if I had just walked around the security guard and entered the store? I guess we will never know because society has trained me so well, I did as asked and didn’t make a fuss.

Ultimately it’s no big deal. I have vowed not to shop there, which won’t be hard as I don’t buy a lot of clothes for myself. The store won’t care because they have a lot more customers to take my place. But it’s another example of the control corporations have over us. And the worst part, these corporations don’t have to do anything to keep us in check. We control each other on their behalf.

A Current Affair asked their Facebook fans if H&M’s rule to not let shopping trolleys into their store was fair. The debate, like most debates on social media, got quite heated. Clearly people feel strongly about shopping trolleys and beverages in their favourite clothing stores. I can see both sides of the argument but why is it even being discussed? We’re talking about people, people with trolleys. People that are not conforming to the standards. People who don’t fit into the tiny little shoebox of what is expected. But the store doesn’t waste their time responding, we do it for them.

This afternoon, on my way home from work I walked passed a car yard. Several of the nice shinny cars had signs on their windscreens. ‘Feel it, Love it, Own it”. On a fairly well know soft drink, a slogan reads ‘Taste happiness’. Isn’t advertising wonderful.

I have been on a self-imposed media ban since about January this year. No newspapers, no news websites and no TV (I read, or I watch DVDs or Netflix, I know I know, hypocrite). Someone said to me recently, “but how will you know what’s going on in the world?” I won’t I guess, but I’ll be no less wiser than anyone who watches or reads anything from the mass media outlets. I may be a paranoid conspiracy theory nut, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong about the major media corporations, mega global corporations and Governments, all working together to keep us in line.

Don’t watch TV for a few days or weeks and then turn it back on. Within minutes you’ll start to feel worse about yourself. Your clothes are no longer in fashion, you are ageing too rapidly and you are not skinny enough. You need a new car, a new phone and a bigger house to put your stuff in. Keep watching. They’ll tell you who to be scared of, who is to blame for the rising cost of living and the deficit, oh the deficit, who will save us from this terrifying world? They will tell you…

Perhaps I am crazy, it does all sound a little big brother, 1984. Do your own research. Check out the Collective Evolution website. Read Russell Brand’s book Revolution or his Trews channel on YouTube.

Thanks for reading.

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